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Creamy Pumpkin Chili

Creamy Pumpkin Chili

Delicious chili made with pumpkin, kidney beans, and ground beef! Spiced with warming spices and fresh oregano, a yummy week night dinner.

Prep Time: 10 Min

Cook Time: 25 Min


onion bell pepper northern beans kidney beans pumpkin crush tomatoes chicken stock 

ground beef cumin, oregano, cinnamon salt and pepper 

Saute onion and peppers in a large pot. Stir in the spices then add stock, tomatoes and beans.

In a separate pan, brown the ground beef and season with salt and pepper. Drain the fat from the meat and add to the chili.

Take the other can of white beans and pour the entire contents into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into the chili (this makes it creamy without adding dairy!)

Taste the chili and season with salt and pepper if necessary.  Enjoy!

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